Jacob Torbeck

Jacob Torbeck

Linwood House 113


Fall Classes: Christ College Freshman Program, "Texts and Contexts"


Jacob W. Torbeck is a theologian specializing in the heritage of Neoplatonic and mystical thought in Christian theology sometimes called the divine ideas tradition. His current project, Turn Not Thine Eyes: Holy Faces, Saving Gazes, and the Theology of Attention, articulates how mystical traditions of contemplation can inform Christian spirituality and practice. Through engaging the long tradition of philosophical and theological contemplation from antiquity to now, Torbeck argues that the contemplative vocation informs, strengthens, and shapes Christian responses to the needs of individual and communal neighbors. Torbeck’s other research interests include the theology of pop cultural media (especially films and games), and the work of Edith Stein. He received his Ph.D. from Loyola University Chicago in 2022, and his work appears in Ethics and Metaphysics in the Philosophy of Edith Stein (Springer, 2022), and is forthcoming in Fantasy, Theology, and the Imagination (Lexington / Fortress Press).

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